Enjoys one in 5 Americans Experienced good Consensual Low-Monogamous Relationship?

There’s nothing that progressive relationship news media looks thus very infatuated because the low-monogamy. Call it “polyamory,” “swinging,” otherwise “consensual non-monogamy” (CNM)-if the reporting is usually to be felt, it’s everywhere.

The brand new share toward CNM fad is inspired by CBS, which last sunday premiered a unique documentary for the “[f]ighting the fresh stigma out-of consensual non-monogamy.” To promote the new reveal, the new system tweeted from attention-catching claim that “1 in 5 Us americans was indeed in an excellent consensually non-monogamous relationships at some stage in their lives.” CBS try away from truly the only retailer to drive the fresh new “one in four” claim: it is starred in Going Brick, Quartz (given that quoted by the NPR), Time, Men’s Fitness, and you may Therapy Now, among others.

In which do one number are from? Essentially all the articles indicate a similar resource, an excellent 2016 investigation from the Record from Gender Relationship Treatment of the a team of experts in the Kinsey Institute (hereinafter with each other described as Haupert mais aussi al.).