Shepard will bring reinforcements, just to end up being confronted by Saren

Shepard is able to get the nuke developed over the studio just to score a visit the salarians are now being attacked and are delivering big loss. The new frontrunner takes a team to assist them however, because they get-off, new geth start assaulting the fresh nuke website and Shepard is actually place in a dispute: both Kaidan and you may Ashley are in problems and there’s almost no time to save both. Halfway here Shepard needed to make a difficult try bringing dissolved of the geth, nevertheless geth was indeed today plus assaulting the latest bomb site. Immediately following having to tune in to a drawn-out endeavor across the comms anywhere between Williams and you can Alenko, Shepard needed to like and then he can only just cut you to. Understanding that Alenko was the only real survivor by bomb webpages, hence he’d pass away to see the fresh new bomb detonate, Shepard oriented into the Williams, assured the guy nonetheless got time to save the lady in addition to salarian group. The guy tries to make the leader join his cause but Shepard refuses and fights Saren of. Saren will get out and the class panel brand new Normandy, leaking out Virmire due to the fact nuke destroys brand new facility, making Kaidan behind to help you pass away regarding the rush.

Stealing the fresh new Normandy [ ]

Shepard took their for you personally to grieve with the loss of his buddy, and you may because of the undamaged beacon into the Virmire, their Prothean vision has become done. When you look at the debriefing, Liara matches Shepard’s notice so you can interpret it fully. The fresh vision are a pain name designed to alert the new Protheans regarding Reapers.