Title “Alice” means “truth” for the Greek, that is where we see you to definitely she will be portrayed since goddess

If you find yourself Carroll appeared to subscribe to Christian thinking (their actual label try Charles Dodgson and you will are an enthusiastic ordained deacon on the Chapel regarding The united kingdomt); his tales from the Alice fully supports those teachings of the occult and you may alternative religions for example Theosophy (and this driven the new occult thinking of your Nazis). Carroll are as much as in spiritualism craze of one’s Victorian Era it is therefore away from no surprise to see he was delving towards Neo-Platonism, as Sherry Ackerman asserts into the At the rear of the brand new Looking-glass:

When we look greater we find away you to definitely Carroll earliest recited the new facts out of Alice in wonderland if you’re traversing new the fresh new Thames Lake owing to a specific part called ‘This new Isis’.