That We answered: “People love whatever they hate

Beta men thought they need what leader males has actually, but the guys that ladies come across given that alphas quickly find what women are giving them is not what they want, it is short for the brand new victory of the self-centered people problem/defect means along side selfish male defect/problem means. All of the pimp are an effective cuck.

I found myself from the a party and that i is actually speaking of lady to help you a blue pilled normie, who is, predictably, increasing one or two guys who are not their own, their actual father, predictably, in prison, and normie, predictably, getting childless.

I attempted to start a conversation regarding the previous misadventures with girls. The guy fearfully remarked “Female hate one to” – definition lady don’t like boys these are its early in the day ladies and he failed to have to disappointed their girlfriend.

” Their wife supposedly wants sweet males such as themselves, but somehow throughout a protracted fit out-of missing mindedness finished up bearing two sons so you’re able to an unlawful stoner no job exactly who spends the their mysteriously gotten money on drugs.