With this program we will be able to install drivers from more than 1300 well-known brands such as AMD, ASUS, ATI, Canon, Dell, HP, Intel, Microsoft, among others. Keep in mind that faulty or outdated drivers are the main cause of crashes and blue screens in Windows. It is true that with Windows 10 it is possible to automatically download the most updated drivers for the PC hardware.

If things don’t go as expected on Steam Deck after installing Windows, you can always reinstall SteamOS. The dual boot option is currently unavailable on Steam Deck, and we will update the guide once the functionality is released. The audio driver was not available in the early days after launch, but these, too, can now be installed. This allows your Steam Deck to work as a fully functional Windows device.

Windows Driver Downloads

Driver Sources
We also looked closely at the driver update sources. When you’re dealing with software that manages your computer at a system level, everything needs to be secure, and the sources need to be reputable. For example, if you’re updating your HP printer’s driver, it should only come from HP. It is a big red flag if the program suggests another source for the update because it may not download the correct driver or it might download malicious software.

  • Typically, Windows 10 usually installs device drivers as needed when there is an update.
  • That was the case with MeowCorp ransomware, which had it’s encryption code leaked.
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On the Razer Blade and perhaps other laptops, the laptop’s touchpad will reportedly stop working after you reboot the PC following the installation of the Precision Touchpad drivers. You can fix this by searching for updated Precision Touchpad drivers. This process involves replacing your touchpad’s drivers, and should be fairly simple. However, we recommend you be careful when using the Device Manager.

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Avast Driver Updater is a fully automated driver updater with millions of drivers in its database. No matter what’s in your computer, Avast Driver Updater will source the latest driver to keep everything working smoothly. Reduce crashing, enhance performance, and repair bugs and vulnerabilities with the most current drivers for all your hardware. You should always make sure that your device drivers are properly updated. Not only will this keep your computer in good operating condition, it can save it from potentially expensive problems down the line.

is it necessary to update drivers

However, professional driver updater software is one of the most efficient options. And the best part, you can update drivers on Windows 10 for free via Windows Update. So, if you’re rocking a newer Nvidia or ATI graphics card, check for Windows updates regularly to keep the device drivers up-to-date. WinZip Driver Updater is a program that checks your computer for old device drivers so that you can download and install the most recent ones.